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If you’re looking for an NDIS provider in Springvale or the nearby area, we can offer all the help and support you need. The Home Caring team provides a range of home care services and disability support services for individuals on the NDIS. We’re committed to delivering the highest level of service possible, so you or your loved ones get all the help needed to live a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

We’re one of the top NDIS providers in the Springvale area and have been offering these disability support services for a very long time. Our experience means we’ve encountered many people with different concerns, allowing us to become incredibly flexible in our approach. As a result, we offer truly bespoke care plans based on your individual needs.

Talk to a member of our team today to learn more and we can get started bringing you the best home care services Springvale has to offer.

How We Help – Our NDIS Services

As mentioned, we’re a leading NDIS service provider in Springvale and have many capabilities. Our disability care services cover every aspect of your life, so you feel supported in any way possible.

We offer different packages that you can choose and customise to meet your requirements. Our three main areas of focus include:

All of these come under the disability services banner and each package is covered by the NDIS. Within each package, you can add or remove services depending on what means the most to you.

Some of the different services you can choose from include the following:

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Assistance With Travelling
  • Help With Daily Activities
  • Support With Household Chores
  • Help With Personal Hygiene Tasks
  • Development Of Key Life Skills
  • Home Modifications
  • Access To Mobility Equipment

The list goes on and we implore you to consult with a Home Caring representative if you’d like a full breakdown of what we can do for you. Put simply, if you are registered with the NDIS and require support, we are the team to come to. You will struggle to find other NDIS providers in Springvale with the same level of dedication and flexibility as us.

Who Is Eligible For Our NDIS Support Services?

All of our home care services in Springvale are solely for individuals on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). As a result, you have to meet the requirements outlined by the NDIS, which include:

  • Must be under 65
  • Must be a permanent Australian resident or citizen
  • Must have a disability diagnosis for a condition that impacts your overall quality of life

There’s a useful NDIS Eligibility Checklist you can go through that will explain if you qualify for the scheme or not. If you do, then we will happily provide our disability support services and home care in Springvale for you.

The Benefits Of Working With An NDIS Service Provider Springvale

The benefit of choosing a registered NDIS provider for disability care in Springvale is that you receive financial assistance for a range of services. All of the home care services and disability support services we provide are funded by the NDIS. This makes them more affordable and accessible – so you can finally get the care you need.

As a result, you will see dramatic improvements in your life. With home care, you can tailor the level of support to make your life much easier to manage. This may mean you require constant help with daily tasks – like getting out of bed or showering. It could mean you need help getting the shopping or doing regular house maintenance chores. Some of you may only need minor assistance, such as help making dinner or travelling around.

The point is that you receive the care required to live as independently as possible. You regain control of your life and can stop your disability from affecting everything that you do. Unfortunately, most disabilities can’t be cured – but you can still live life to the fullest. Most of all, our disability services in Springvale provide hope. You no longer have to feel as though your life is restricted or you can or can’t do certain things. Pick the level of care you need to do whatever you want in life!

Why Work With Home Caring?

Why choose us as your NDIS provider in Spingvale? Aside from providing a wonderful range of disability support services, we have many qualities that make us the ideal choice:

  • Years of experience providing home care services in Springvale
  • A fully qualified team of passionate disability support experts
  • Personalised care plans designed for your needs
  • Specialist nursing staff to help with unique disabilities
  • Friendly support whenever you need it

Put simply, we are always here for you and will do everything in our power to give you the best home care services Springvale has to offer. Our team works around the clock to ensure someone is always on hand when required – and we offer lots of specialist NDIS services as well.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the positive impact our services have on people’s lives. We love the NDIS and everything the scheme stands for, which is why we’re proud to be one of the best NDIS providers in Springvale. At Home Caring, we believe that every individual deserves to be supported in their time of need. We’ll listen deeply to all of your specific concerns to be sure we put together a package full of NDIS services to make your life better.

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If you’re eager to find an NDIS provider in Springvale, contact us today. The Home Caring team will happily speak to you on the phone to discuss your unique requirements and help set up a care plan right away. We’ll also provide guidance on applying for funding through the NDIS if you need assistance.

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