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Home Caring offers bespoke disability support services in Noble Park and the surrounding local areas. We are one of the only NDIS providers in this location that offer truly personalised packages for everyone. Regardless of your situation, we will help you find solutions to live with as much independence as you can.

Our goal is to deliver disability care in Noble Park to as many individuals as possible. We know the link between mental health and disabilities is very strong – it’s easy to have dark thoughts or feel depressed when your life seems restricted. The Home Caring team will work closely with you to devise the best care plan you will find. It’ll target all of your biggest issues so they no longer linger in the back of your mind or make you feel frustrated. We want to put a smile back on your face by delivering exceptional and affordable disability services.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please get in touch with our team today. We’re contactable via our website or phone line – and we’ll gladly speak for as long as possible explaining our NDIS services and how we will assist you.

Our Range Of Incredible Disability Services in Noble Park

As a registered NDIS Provider in Noble Park, we cover a wide range of incredible disability services. This includes our flexible home care packages, which are entirely tailored to your unique needs.

All of our home care services in Noble Park come under the NDIS. This means they can be part of your NDIS Plan and you’ll receive funding from the scheme to help pay for them. It makes disability care far more affordable and accessible – you get the assistance you need without running into loads of debt.

What disability and home care services do we provide? As mentioned, it all depends on what you need, but our capabilities include:

  • Help with daily activities
  • Supported independent living
  • Transport and travel assistance
  • Personal hygiene help
  • Home maintenance help
  • Setting up group or community activities
  • Developing life skills
  • Daily exercise activities
  • Help with specialist conditions
  • Respite care

This list doesn’t cover everything, so don’t worry if the support you need isn’t mentioned. We know that there are lots of disabilities – many of which aren’t even visible. Everyone can have unique needs so please come to us if you require specialised assistance that’s not been mentioned above. We’ll check to see if it comes under the NDIS coverage – if it does, we’re more than happy to factor it into your personal support package.

Why Work With NDIS Providers in Noble Park

You can obtain disability services in Noble Park from many providers, but it’s extremely beneficial to work with a registered NDIS Provider.

Why? Because your life will be improved in multiple ways:

  • Save Money – Working with NDIS Providers in Noble Park will help you save money on essential disability support services. You receive as much care as you need while getting funding from the NDIS. According to the most recent data from last year, the average NDIS plan budget provides nearly $70,000 for participants.
  • Receive Specific Disability Care – Another benefit of using an NDIS Provider is that you receive specific disability care. The services aren’t generalised, so you can pick and choose what you need. It’s all part of making your NDIS support plan and finding the areas of support that mean the most to you.
  • Get Support From A Trusted Provider – Perhaps most importantly, NDIS Providers are unique in that they must tick many requirements to be eligible for the scheme. At Home Caring, we had to pass numerous safeguarding and quality checks to be accepted. Moreover, these checks are continuously carried out so we maintain registration with the scheme. For you, it means you benefit from working with a provider of disability care in Noble Park that’s constantly being audited and vetted for safety and quality. You will have full faith that you’re choosing a company that commits to the highest service standards possible.

Are You Eligible For NDIS Services in Noble Park?

We must note that our home care services in Noble Park are for members of the NDIS. If you have already registered with the scheme, then our support is open to you. If you are yet to register, it’s important to know if you’re actually eligible.

There are various eligibility requirements involved:

  • Age requirements
  • Residency requirements
  • Disability requirements
  • Early intervention requirements

We won’t go through them all here, but we can direct you to a checklist on the NDIS website that explains if you’re eligible or not. It’s a very easy thing to follow and you will find out if our disability support services are right for you.

If you need help applying for the NDIS or aren’t sure if you’re eligible, our team will happily provide any assistance possible. Feel free to call us and we’ll use our expertise to explain the NDIS and who it is for.

Why Choose Us As Your Noble Park NDIS Provider

There are other NDIS Providers in Noble Park and the nearby areas, but we believe we’re the one you should choose. Our level of support goes above and beyond what’s expected and we’re more than confident that you will get all the help you need.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then check out these other reasons we should be your Noble Park NDIS Provider:

  • Years of experience providing disability care services
  • Fully flexible and tailored home care packages
  • Friendly staff who are always on hand to deal with any questions
  • Experienced, trained, qualified and vetted care providers to help with your daily needs
  • Continuous support that changes with your needs

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